We carry you to the world's best infrastructre directly.

We are the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Official Technology Partner as siterobot.io, happy to announce you that you would have the best infrastrucres with the best prices. We are happy that we are serving the best services which is served in corporate since 2012.

We have designed siterobot.io application to you to manage the best infrastructures with a world class application. All hardware is in the AWS Europe-Irland origined data centers. We are serving directly from hardware farms with high speed.

Do not forget, this wide infrastructure managing by AWS services and accredited AWS Technical Professionals only

Why choose us instead of DO, Lino and other foreign providers?

  • More affordable prices in total,
  • Best Linux and Licensed Windows server options,
  • More and constantly growing operating system options,
  • Safety interface layer independently of the servers,
  • Change to 7x24 intervention under DDoS heavy load,
  • Dedicated lines and higher port speeds,
  • Free Integrated Terminal IDE application,
  • 5 years experience in server hosting and infras.

With a siterobot.io server;

You would have an unshared server in the world's best infrastructre

You use the infrastructre whish is used by giants such as Facebook, Twitter. We are serving you from directly Amazon Web Services infrastruce without any intermediaries.

All of the servers are unshared, there is no traffic interruption

%100 guaranteed CPU. RAM and traffic usage are entirely yours. You can create a server in a few seconds. You don't have to wait for hours.

You are not affected by any DDoS etc. attack came to another customer therefore you will have the dedicated resources. Also, you can defend yourself with security configuration (7x24) from a different layer either in heavy load or under DDoS attack.

Budget-Friendly Pricing

There is no minimum payment limit, static deduction or setup fee.

You will only pay for your actual resource usage by hourly. You can have your own server by starting $5.

High performance SSD disks

We are providing always the best, high performance SSD disks to our customers' servers.

Highly improved Snapshot-Recovery usage

Whenever you want, take a snapshot of your server instantly and recover it in the future. You can create completely different servers from the image which is created by another server. Also, you are always safe with free Automated Snapshot's.

Deposit funds to your account and use it

You can pay via credit card or give auto billing directive. We deduct from your balance hourly cost for each server that you created. We are not charging server's prices in advance. If you don't need, terminate your server and keep your funds up.

Get a free support to migrate your server

We are glad to help you you to migrate your server from your old provider to siterobot.io servers.

Request IP as you wish, come immediately

You can request and start to use IP addresses which is limited by your server's max limits in seconds. Moreover, these IP addresses came from Europe random pool and most of the time they will be B or C class.

High speed ports

Depends on your server choice, you can have port speeds starting from ~100 Mbps to 10 Gigabit. Also we are not charging for server uploads.

Ready-to-go operating systems and control panels

You can create servers that have Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows and more. You can also create servers with ready-to-use CentOS WHM & cPanel, Vesta Control Panel, Minecraft, TeamSpeak.

Smart and easy management tools

There is an awesome development environment called Terminal IDE placed on the site. With this IDE, you can connect from different devices and start developing with SSH console. You can invite your friends to collaborate coding if you want. From beginners to advanced, all the tools are stacked in this application.

There are easy management tools on the site. Connect and manage your servers via on your desktop or mobile devices.

We are waiting you to reach us via phone, email or live support to get you help your server needs.