How to connect Windows server's via Remote Desktop Connecton (RDP)

27 October 2015, Tuesday 0 Comments

Note: This guide is for Windows server owners only. If you have a Linux server, follow How to use SSH Keys with PuTTY on a Linux server guide to learn how to make an SSH connection to your server.

With Remote Desktop Connection, you can connect to a computer running Windows from another computer running Windows that's connected to the same network or to the Internet. For example, you can use all of your work computer's programs, files, and network resources from your home computer, and it's just like you're sitting in front of your computer at work.

1. Remote Desktop Connection credentials

We will begin by downloading .rdp file to connect to server.

Servers > Manage > SSH/RDP Remote access info > Download Remote connection file

And write down your username and password.

2. Open Remote Desktop Connection

Open Remote Desktop Connection by clicking the Start button. In the search box, type Remote Desktop Connection, and then, in the list of results, click Remote Desktop Connection.

3. Connect to server

In the Computer box, type the IP address of the computer that you want to connect to, and then click Connect. Karşınıza gelen kullanıcı adı ve şifre kısmına 1. adımda almış olduğunuz giriş bilgilerini yazın ve Ok butonuna tıklayın.

Congratulations! Remote Desktop Connection has been established.

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