How to change server's Disk Size, Create Snapshot and Restore Backup

13 November 2015, Friday 0 Comments

If your disk is not enough for your needs, you can increase the disk size without upgrade your server. You can make it only with a few steps by Snapshot from Manage Server page. 

Important: This process require a restart

Create a Snapshot (Full Backup) of a volume

First, you need to create a Snapshot since disk size change operation only available with restore from snapshot operation.

Enter a name for Snapshot and click to Continue to start process.

When Snapshot operation has been started, a preparing process information appeared on the screen shown in below.

On the Snapshot Status, the process continues till Completed appears. 

Note: You can always keep the same Snapshot up to date with clicking Update link in a short time. 

Restore from Snapshot and Change disk size

You can choose a Snapshot created earlier from the list or you can choose one of the automated snapshot which is created by the system automatically every hour. Enter the new disk size and choose one of the Snapshot which is created by yourself or the latest Snapshot which is created by the system automatically atmost 1 hour ago.

Note: Do not forget, to restore your server, your server must be launched at least 1 hour ago or there should be an Automated Snapshot which is created by the system.

While processing a little time, server will prepare it's hardware so it will be unreachable for a short time and then rebooted.

Note: Some of the Linux distributions like CentOS etc.; If disk size changes, some of the operations (fdisk for Resize/Extend Disk Partition) to determine new disk size must be applied to OS.

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